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Star-Tech Marine Electronics has extensive experience in the Oil and Gas industry. Our highly customized team brings each one of our clients a combination of deep industry knowledge and technical expertise. We strive to assist our clients needs, and set new standards of excellence when handling their marine electronic needs.

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Allow us to bring your vessel up to speed with our FCC inspections.

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With today's amount of massive ships moving in and out of ports...

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What are the GMDSS Requirements?

GMDSS Requirements 

GMDSS ships are required to carry the following minimum equipment:

VHF radio installation capable of transmitting DSC on channel 70, and radiotelephony on channels 16, 13 and 6. (see Note 1).

One SART if under 500 GRT, 2 SARTs if over 500 GRT.

Two portable VHF transceivers for use in survival craft if under 500 GRT, three if over 500 GRT.

NAVTEX receiver, if the ship is engaged on voyages in any area where a NAVTEX service is provided.

An Inmarsat EGC receiver, if the ship is engaged on voyages in any area of Inmarsat coverage where MSI services are not provided by NAVTEX or HF NBDP (see note 2).


Note 1 - Voice watch is effectively required on channel 16 until further notice.

Note 2 - in practice, this means that all GMDSS A3 and A4 vessels are required to carry at least one Inmarsat C system.

Download the GMDSS Requirements:

GMDSS Requirements

What are the DP Reference Requirements?

DP Reference Requirements 

Based on IMO (International Maritime Organization) publication 645[9] the Classification Societies have issued rules for Dynamic Positioned Ships described as Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3.

  • Equipment Class 1 has no redundancy.
    Loss of position may occur in the event of a single fault.
  • Equipment Class 2 has redundancy so that no single fault in an active system will cause the system to fail.
    Loss of position should not occur from a single fault of an active component or system such as generators, thruster, switchboards, remote controlled valves etc., but may occur after failure of a static component such as cables, pipes, manual valves etc.

Equipment Class 3 which also has to withstand fire or flood in any one compartment without the system failing.


Download the DP Reference Requirements:

DP Reference Requirements

What are the License Requirements?

 FCC License Requirements

Star-Tech Marine Electronics sends all of their technicians to be obtain FCC licenses that are required for FCC/SOLAS/ABS/Lloyds Register Inspections.  These are elements 1,3,8 and 9.


Download the FCC License Requirements:

FCC License Requirements

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