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welcome to Star-Tech Marine

Since 1989, Star-Tech Marine Electronics has been a trusted name for the sales and service of marine communication, navigation, and dynamic positioning system, representing the industry's top manufacturers. One call to Star-Tech Marine places our entire organization at your disposal - 24 hours a day - for onboard troublshooting, repairs, and installations. Our mission is to return your vessel to service as quickly as possible. We are strategically located in the heart of the offshore marine transportation industry, servicing vessels in ports throughout the Gulf of Mexico and around the world.

Star-Tech Marine Electronic's service technicians are a cut above. These hand-picked, marine eletronic professionals are FCC Licensed, fully factory certified, highly trained and skilled in providing complete and cost-effective solutions to get you back on the water. Star-Tech maintains in-house inventory and has fully equipped service vehicles for dockside repairs.

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our main features

ABS & Lloyd's Certified

We gaurantee quality and business assuarance.


FCC Approved

We hold the highest form of qualifications for marine electronic technicians.


USCG Approved

We are approved through the United States Coast Guard.



We ensure the safety of our employees and yours.


Our Skills

Why us?

Star-Tech Marine Electronics, LLC has made it a priority over the years to have the highest quality of marine electronics technicians. Since the beginning, Star-Tech Marine has trained and certified its technicians to be ahead of the curve in the marine industry. There is no problem to big or to small that we cannot address to get your vessel or rig back to the job. Star-Tech Marine represents a wide variety of, large & small name brand, electronics in the Oil & Gas Industry.

Safety First

Safety and health in our company must be a part of every operation. Without question, it is every employee's responsibility at all levels.

We as a safe organization will maintain a safety and health program conforming to the best practices of our organization type. To be successful, such a program must embody the proper attitudes toward injury and illness prevention on the part of supervisors and employees. Download our Health and Safety Policy below.

Safety Policy

HSE Management HSE Policy

Star-Tech Marine HSE Management System lays out the path which we follow to conduct our operations worldwide considering health, safety, and the environment.

Administration communicates this policy throughout the organization to the lowest level, to all employees, customers, contractors, and any third party associates. Our HSE management model consist of these components.

  • Leadership, Commitment, and Accoutability
  • Policies and Objectives
  • Risk Management
  • Business Processes
  • Performance Monitoring and Improvement
  • Audits and Reviews
  • Job Safety and Environment Analysis

Health, Safety, & Environment Policy

Star-Tech Marine Electronics feels that an effective Health, Safety, & Environmental Program must be an integral part of our Company's operation. The health & safety of our employees and protection of our environment are given prime consideration in the Company's everyday activities.


The Company is committed to promoting and training employees in safe work practice with an ultimate goal of preventing any undue hardship & suffering cause by work-related injuries or illnesses. Employee health must be the prime consideration in every job assignment.


All employees will be require to perform their job assignments in a safe manner. Our Safety Manual has been specifaclly developed to inform personnel of the COmpany's minimum safety requirements. All policies and procedures are based specifically on known hazard exposures, regulatory requirements and industry safety standards.


Promoting environmental concerns is an utmost priority for the safety of all personnel. We proactively encourage employees to identify and promptly communicate matters of environmental concern to senior management as well as our client representatives.


To preserve the ability to meet changing conditions, the Company may modify, delete, or revoke any HSE Policy, procedure, practice or statement. Such changes can only be modified, amended or superseded in writing and must be signed by an officer of the Company.

Every employee is expected to carry out the spirit as well as the intent of this policy. The proactives participation from all employees is requires to successfully meet our policy goals.

Our Manufacturers